Take control of Pro Tools with  Steinberg CMC controllers







StudioConnector is an utility which translates MIDI messages from each CMC unit to HUI emulated messages which Pro Tools recognizes. The slider and knob modes are remapped and commands are organised to make the most use of all the available controls. For feedback all button-leds and rotary knob ledpatterns are converted as well.  

Besides fader, pan, mute and solo commands it offers functions like flip fader sends, send panner, (un-) mute all, (un-) solo all, change automation modes and plug in control. Moving to previous/next clip boundaries, selecting clips, nudging and grid step is possible. Transport control with cycle- and record mode switching are there as well as metronome switches. Scrub/shuttle, scroll window and pinch to zoom functions are included.  

No need to rememerber different modifier keys, only the CMC shift button is needed for alternative functions.

CMC-CH - Control the selected channel *

     Volume fader & flip fader mode for sends

     • Switch pan knob to send mode

     • Mute/solo, mute all/solo all

     • R/W buttons switch automation modes

     • Open/close plugin window, bypass /compare plugin

     • Shift functions: transport, tool swtiching and more...

* Channels within the 8-fader bank. StudioConnector has a handy (auto) bank swap function.

CMC-FD - Control the faders

     • Volume faders & flip fader mode for sends

     • Fine control faders

     • Switch betweeen fader catch and jump mode

     • Level meter option

     • Mute/solo

     • Nudge and bank swap (4 or 8 faders)

CMC-TP - Transport functions

     • Play, Stop Rew, FF, Rec, Cycle playback

     • Switch record modes, metro (countoff) on/off

     • Insert marker, cursor up/down

(un-)Link timeline edit selection, play edit selection

     • Nudge and grid step, center selection sides to screen

     • Navigate to clip boundaries and select clips

     • Silder: scrub, shuttle, locate, scroll, (pinch to) zoom,

     • Duplicate track and more...

CMC-QC - Panners/sends/plug-in control

     • Pan mode for controlling pan (L/R) knobs of 8-fader bank

     • Sends mode for controlling sends A-E of 8-fader bank

     • Plugin mode for controlling plugin with 4 knobs/switches

     • Scroll through parameter pages fast and easy

     • Open/close plugin window

     • F1 - F4: rewind, fast forward, stop, play

     • R/W buttons switch automation modes

     • Move to previous/next channel * and more...

* Channels within the 8-fader bank. StudioConnector has a handy (auto) bank swap function.

CMC-AI - various functions

     • Parameter mode: control knobs and sliders on screen

     • Press and turn for adjusting faders and knobs in mix window (mac only)

     • Zoom mode

     • Jog mode for navigating to clip boundaries or grid step

     • F1-F4: Save project, undo. switch between edit/mix window, switch edit tool

How does it works?

StudioConnector consists of a dedicated player version of Bome’s Midi Translator and a dedicated script file.

“MT Player StudioConnector” runs the StudioConnector script, the script which has been programmed exclusively for the CMC units in combination with Pro Tools for best performance.

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(And earlier versions)

StudioConnector is no longer sold!